Hello, my name is Lital Mintz.

Welcome to my website!

I’m an Entrepreneur, a mother of 3, and a wife. I have a passion for everything fitness, healthy living, travel and fashion. I’m a Vice President in Social Marketing, a health & wellness coach and a blogger. I choose to see the positive in every situation and I’m always open to new opportunities. I believe we are all capable of creating or re-creating our own stories, and living a life of choice if we get comfortable with being uncomfortable! I will be documenting my adventures as a mom, my road to living a healthy lifestyle and how I was able to create multiple streams of income with my online business. I’m also fashion obsessed and love travelling. I will share all my passions in hopes that it adds value to you and inspires you to lean into the things that scare you.

This photo was taken by @photography_anisa
Spray Tan by @popuptan